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Deploy Octopress Blog to Amazon S3

Octopress blog system is an interesting approach to have a robust fast and easily indexable web site. It’s even more interesting to have it hosted on Amazon S3 for reliability and peace of mind as you would not have to host it yourself.

So here is my quick howto tweak for moving mine to S3 using aws sync command.

This Site Is Build by Humans

More and more, people building web sites does use a robots.txt file at root level to provide guidances to web crawlers.

Since recently, people start to use a similar mechanism to provide info about the site. Because those info are for real humans and not robots anymore, the funy approach is to use a humans.txt file at same location than robots.txt.

How to Find iTunesConnect Vendor ID

If you have an app on Apple App Store you might have noticed that iTunes Connect sales and trends report section have changed recently (Feb. 16th 2014). Since then getting your Vendor ID (a mandatory field for Autoingestion Tool) that was there before happened to become a litle bit tricky…

Alfred Is a Must Have App for Mac Users

I’m using Alfred application for a some times now.

When thinking of it, there is not a single day were I use my computer without using Alfred!

It’s probably on my top 10 used application in between mail, Xcode, iMessage, iTerm2, Safari or Chrome, Snippet, etc.

I was initially mad agains Alfred team because I had a v1 license and I needed to pay for upgrading to v2. Somehow, I found it unfair. At the end of the dat, I end up moving for a lifetime (Powerpack) license. Guess what: I have no regrets for this.

Indeed Alfred 2 Workflows logic + integrated new features are really great.

In short, I’m a fan.

Codesign Useful Info in XCode 5.0.1

If you are using codesigning scripts for handling some iOS apps re-signing, you might already have found that you need to set codesign_allocate environment variable.

It appears that depending on Xcode releases, valid codesign_allocate version are not always at the same location.

Here is a quick tip on what to setup…

How to Debug Xcode 4 iOS6 App on iOS7 Device

Nowadays, it could happen that you are about to release an already iOS6 designed application. And changing right now for a full iOS7 compatible app build on Xcode5 might be a bit tricky and time risky!

This said, if you are about to release an iOS6 designed app now with Xcode4 (Xcode 4.6.3 for instance) that does not mean you don’t have to make sure it work nice on iOS7. I would even say at this point that you have to make sure your app behave correctly on iOS7…

Here’s a quick trick to run your Xcode4 project on iOS7 Simulator or debug your Xcode4 project on a iOS7 device.

WARNING: SO FAR THIS DOES NOT work anymore on latest Apple Xcode 5 Developper Preview!!!

Trying it might brake your iPhoneSimulator config

See comments section …

Non-PIE Binary App on iOS Could Lead to Security Issue

Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) on iOS

Since launch of iPhone, Apple does continuously improve it’s OS security. One of the big steps was introduction of missing support for Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR). This came with iOS 4.3 back in 2010.

What is ASLR?

A technique employed by the OS to make the successful exploitation of a software bug much more difficult. By ensuring memory addresses and offsets are unpredictable, exploit code can’t hard code these values.

Extract iTunesConnect App Lists and Status

Perl script for getting app list and status

In my job, I handle iTunesConnect accounts with lots of apps, and I needed today to create and excell file with all my iTunesConnect apps list.

After a quick browse on Google I found the Perl class HTML::TableExtract that does extract tables from an HTML document.

Script to Download WWDC 2013 Videos

This year WWDC was full of new stuffs. We could discover a lot of new features. I even believe that some of them are even more powerful that we could think at first impression.

By the time general public will discover those new APIs, I think a lot of developers will come out with really great apps and news usages.

This year all videos and presentations was available very soon after the presentation was made. Now that the WWDC is finished, all the videos are available for download.