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How to Find iTunesConnect Vendor ID

If you have an app on Apple App Store you might have noticed that iTunes Connect sales and trends report section have changed recently (Feb. 16th 2014). Since then getting your Vendor ID (a mandatory field for Autoingestion Tool) that was there before happened to become a litle bit tricky…

New design is really cool

The new design is much more nicer and efficient than before.

In top of new cool design, it’s now possible to have split of downloads figures for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Desktop download. What was not available before.

You can find some more details, info and visuals about the new design on Apple iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide.

Vendor ID no more available from web interface

Since this new interface came online, it’s not possible to find there your Vendor ID info anymore. This Vendor ID is needed if you want to use Autoingestion Tool script for automatically download your report.

So there is s little trick so far to get this Vendor ID value. Current iTunes Connect Sales and Trends report page is at url: https://reportingitc2.apple.com/? (registred users only), so you juste have to remove the 2 from the reportingitc2 of the url and go to previous design at: https://reportingitc.apple.com/?

I wrote this post because I had hard time to find some info on Google about how to get this sorted out. So I hope this will help some!