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WWDC Sessions Search Workflow for Alfred2

Some of you might have heard about my wwdc-downloader script which is available to download on Github.

It might then be possbile that you have used it and downloaded WWDC 2013 videos and PDF sessions on your mac. If yes, then you might also want to use this Alfred2 workflow that let you search over sessions titles or alternatively search for a particular keyword on the fantastic asciiwwdc.com website.

So if you have downloaded WWDC session using my script and are an Alfred2 user, you can download and install WWDC Search.alfredworkflow.

Actually, there are no dependencies to have already downloaded some WWDC sessions to be able to use this workflow. Indeed, if the session media (pdf or videos) are not yet downloaded, a simple click will initiate download action only for this session.

Your Apple developper login will be asked on an AppleScript popup and download will start on the front most terminal windows as soon as you will give your password there.

If you don’t mind having your password being visible in your terminal history, you could un-comment some lines in Alfred workflow to get the password retreive from AppleSript popup (in stead of looking where is the terminal windows :)).

Installation note for new wwdc-downloader script user

If you just discover now session wwdc-downloader script and just grabed it from GitHub, then the workflow should work out of the box.

Installation note for existing wwdc-downloader script user

If you have already downloaded videos and pdf sessions from wwdc-downloder script, you might need to change the default pdf and videos destination folder that was initially set to ~/Desktop/WWDC-2013. The workflow look for content in ~/Documents/WWDC-2013.

You can easily change the default session folders location at begining of each workflow scripts.