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Use a Provisioning Profile Associated With Team ID

"XCode submission error"

When trying to upload/submit an App to the AppStore, did you ever had an error saying that ”This app contains an embedded provisioning profile that is not associated with your account”? And then asking you to ”Please use a provisioning profile associated with Team ID”?

If yes, that’s probably mean that you have submitted once (or even several times before) an app signed with a developer certificate from AppStore account A, and are now trying to upload it to AppStore account B.

Your Team ID is your Company ID

I you were wondering what is the Team ID, it’s not the Bundle Seed ID (as I thought first). It’s the Company ID (alias Organisation ID) that you can find in your Member Center area (as shown bellow).

Apple used to be permissive on this before, but not anymore!

Hard to say exactly when this have been changed, but for sure, it’s not anymore possible to ship on a AppStore developer account B an app signed with a developer account A private key/certificate.

How to fix This ?

This will very much depend on if your app do use Push Notification or Game Center or even need access to keychain for secure storage info / share between different apps from the same AppStore account. If you need some of these features then you are in trouble as the only solution will be to plan a migration of your existing app customers to a brand new app (with a new name of course!).

If you do not need all these features that actually required your App ID does not include wildcar, then you can just use a whildcar mobile provision and re-sign your app using a certificate from AppStore account B.

App ID are unique and non transferable

There is no way to re-use or create on a Developer portal B an App ID (used as BundleID within your app) that have been taken/created once by a Developer A. App ID cannot even be removed once created.

That’s in fact the only one issue here.

So make sure now you never ever submit an app on the AppStore that have been signed with a wildcar mobile provision. You would never be safe as anyone can reserve the same app ID (Bundle ID) preventing you for ever to use push notification or Game Center for instance in your app. Indeed any app udpate would need you to use the same BundleID that you will never be able have anymore if taken elsewhere.

Don’t tell you would have not be warned!