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iOS 7 Voice Memos Challenge

Is Apple Flat Design a reference by default?

We were joking with my friend JC and arguing with Anthony N. about iOS7 new design. Such design were being tagged as “polarizing”. I have to admit that we can say so!

Debate on flat design hash come in town now and will probably be kept open for a while. People will goes with who were right or not right about taking this direction before Apple.

Flat design well initiated by Microsoft have now been kinda legitimated by Apple. I have event heard recently that a genius designer were already on this FD move for 6 months and thus in advance on he’s time! Meaning in advance of people/Apple Time. Indeed, for our great pleasure Apple is still ruling digital mobile world despite of it’s minority market share vs Samsung/Androïd. Then still nowadays, any new Apple design is automatically becoming a reference.

Biggest question is “would Apple Flat Design become THE reference whatever the chosen design?”

iOS 7 Voice Memos Design Challenge

In this context, playing around iOS7, we noticed that voice memo app was missing from first beta. So guys, take your paint stick and shout your best guess of what would looks like this missing app on iOS7 flat design like (let’s call it iOS7 FD)?

Here is my proposal of the iOS 7 Voice Memos app redesign:

What would be yours ?