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Playing Around With App Store Meta Data

Since a while in my daily work of hanging around with iOS apps, I had to find a way to easyly retreive iTunes Store meta data. It have started once with a marketing requests like “can you please provide with our apps icons”, then it quickly became “why is the provided icon square and is missing the glossy part?”. So I get my hands on iTunes Store meta info management and find my ways to retreive them easily.

Here’s my 2 cents about how to play around with App Store meta information.

Choosing the Right Blog Engine!

I have always wanted to do a personal blog to share with geek friends my technical findings. And for ages, I have pushed away the time to start a blog. Actually I did tried to start differents blogs but wasn’t fully satisfied. A fiew times, I have tried to build a blog site using MODx CMS - one of my favourit CMS. But MODx is a litle bit too heavy for just a quick blogging site. It’s much better for an internal company CMS or even a commercial site.